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Corner Cutter (YD-C1/YD-C2/YD-C3/YD-C6/YD-C006/YD-C5/YD-C7/YD-C8)

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  • YD-C1/YD-C2/YD-C3/YD-C6/YD-C006/YD-C5/YD-C7/YD-C8
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Corner Cutter (YD-C1):
YD-C1: The corner is round with dia. 5mm
YD-C2: The corner is round with dia. 10mm
YD-C3: R3, R5, R10
YD-C5: Corner rounder & Slot puncher
YD-C6: Corner rounder & Rectangular holes
YD-C7: Corner rounder & Round holes
YD-C8: Rectangular & Round holes
1. Widely use in office, school and copy center.
2. Easy to use, just press is OK
3. Small and light


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