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Hot & Cold Roll Laminator YD-LMR360/YD-LMR450/YD-LMR650/YD-LMR1100

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Hot & Cold Roll Laminator (YD-LMR360/YD-LMR450/YD-LMR650/YD-LMR1100)
These models are particularly designed for professional usage in school, office, copy center, graphic printing shop, and so on.
These models are suitable for photos, pictures, documents, inkjets, prints, posters, etc.
The total working range is from 320mm to 1050mm.
(1)8-bit microprocessor control system;
(2)hot roll technology;
(3)digital display system;
(4)adjustable motor speed according to different material; Adjustable temperature control for various film thickness and different material;
(5)reverse button removing jammed films;
(6)tension control on film mandrel;
(7)metallic construction for durability.
(8)Hot and cold laminating for different need.
(9)Two rollers controlled individually makes processes of double-side at the same time and single-sides available.



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