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Hydraulic Programed Guillotine (YD-H520RT/H670RT/H720RT)

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  • YD-H520RT/H670RT/H720RT
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Mechanical pedal pressure paper device;
Pressure paper profread position easy and reliable.
Operation more security, complying with CE safety standards;
Double Hydraulic with strong power system design Taiwan motor with strong power, Taiwan hydraulic components for ensure quality.
Oscillating oil cylinder patented technology;
Oil cylinder oscillating design makes balanced cutting power Patent technology of program adjust blade depth;
Leading design of Circuit program adjust blade, the knife depth accurate to ± 0.5mm;
Pushing paper platform without slot design;
Improve push paper strength, increase machine stability, prevent debris into the transmission; parts, prolong the service life of the machine;
Inclined blade cutting patented technology;
Any thick paper can be cut easily with inclined blade design;
Pushing paper with double guide rod technology device;
Double-rod paper-push ensuring the precision of pushing E;
xternal change knife switch function ;
Blades replacement, convenience and effcient;




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