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Program-Control Paper Guillotine (YD-E520R /YD-E650R/YD-E720R)

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  • YD-E520R /YD-E650R/YD-E720R
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Inclined blade cutting patented technology; 
Any thick paper can be cut easily with inclined blade design;
Spin cutter with outer fine adjustment technology;
Outer adjustment, easy operation IR grating protectie circuit design; 
Making according to CE standard to guarantee safety with front echelette grating & back cover protective design;
Human design glain stage for keeping books Save space, it's easy to put and take books on the plain stage of machine;
Centrifugal paper pressing with driver technology;
Make effectively solve the problem of pressing, prevent paper-presser getting stuck; 
Pushing paper with double guide rod technology device;
Double-rod paper-push ensuring the precision of pushing Intelligent control.
LCD Optimization and upgrading program pressing, cutting time and calibrating spot of pushing size can be set at will, 99 programs can be set for program series.
Each program 7 cuts.



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