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Semi-Atuo Laminator SFML-720A/SFML-920A/SFML-1100A

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Applications To suit two kinds of film, pre-glued film and glueless film Configuration

1. SCHNEIDER frequency inverter equipped for infinited speed variation enusres speed adjustment much more convenient and efficient, and makes the machine run stably and quietly. 

2. Enlarged size of chromed heating roller is mounted with bulit-in oil heating system which provides balanced laminating temperature and owns excellent temperature pressistence.

3. SCHNEDIER PLC system realizes automatic paper separation, breakdown alert for self-protection etc/ functinos.

4. Pneumatic film unwinding system positions film roll more accurately and makes the loading and unloading of film roll and film unwinding tension much more convenient.

5. Double sets of serrated perforating wheels provide different choices for different specifications of sheets and film.

6. Perfected traction adjusting system makes traction adjustment more convenient and efficient.

7. Corrugating delivery system and vibrating receiving system enusre paper collectino more regular and convenient. Technical Parameters



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