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Single Side Hot Laminator (YD-LMR360S/YD-LMR450S/YD-LMR650S)

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Single Side Hot Laminator(YD-LMR360S/ Y D-LMR 450S/ Y D-LMR 650S):
1)8-bit microprocessor control system; 
2) Steel hot roller heating technology; 
3)Digital display system; 
4)Adjustable motor speed according to different material;  
   Adjustable temperature control for various film thickness and different material; 
5)Reverse button removing jammed films;
6)Anti-Curl system included
7)Tension control on film mandrel; 
8)Metallic construction for durability; 
9)Hot and cold laminating for different need;
10)Only single side process available,single-side process professional.


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